First Steps

Express your interest.
  • Call
  • Email
  • Attend an information session
  • Go to the Apply to be a Foster Parent page and send a message


To start the official process you will be asked to complete an application.  Once submitted, you will be contacted regarding the next steps.

Next Steps: Application and Interviews

Satori uses a Home Study Program called SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation).  Once you have decided to pursue your journey of becoming a Foster Parent, we will meet with you to discuss your motivation to foster, provide details regarding the necessary paperwork and provide you with the SAFE Questionnaire 1.  From here, we will set up a schedule of times to meet.  Our meetings will consist of:
  • Reviewing the SAFE Questionnaire 1 and interviewing all applicants together.
  • Completion of the SAFE Questionnaire 2 and interviews with each applicant separately.
  • Interviews with all other members of the home above the age of 6 years.
  • Home Safety Assessment.
  • Final Interview and Home Safety Check.

Submission of Paperwork

Throughout the Home Study Process/Interviews, we will touch base regularly to offer assistance with paperwork and answer any questions.  Paperwork/Documentation includes:
  • Criminal Reference/Background Check, including a vulnerable sector screening,  for all persons over the age of 18 living in and frequently attending the home (NOTE: Prior convictions do not necessarily disqualify you from being approved).
  • Consent to conduct a Child Welfare Records Check.
  • Medical note for all applicants and their children, if living in or frequently attending the home.
  • Character References (3 for an individual applicant, 5 for a joint application).
  • Current Drivers Abstract.
  • Evidence of Home/Tenant and Auto Insurance.
  • Copies of government issued ID.
  • Pet Vaccinations.

Attend the Pre-Service Training

The person in the home designated to be the Primary Care Provider must attend the Core Training Program. This consists of the following training topics: Fostering Skills Training: This training focuses on such topics as child development, trauma informed parenting and trauma recovery, importance of and strategies for building relationships, connections with natural families as well as policies and practices within a private therapeutic foster care agency.

Home Study Report

After all documents are collected and interviews completed, the Home Study Practitioner will write a Home Study Report.  This report will outline the nature of the interviews, whether or not the applicants have been approved and if so, the recommendations for placement types.