With the change of season and school approaching, it is time once again to clean out the drawers and closets. More than likely, your kids have outgrown at least half of last year’s wardrobe. But don’t fret, you can keep them in quality branded clothing year round for a lot Read More
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10 Ways to get the kids away from the screen
Kite Flying Kites have been flown for many years, all around the world. Experience that joy with a great family bonding day by creating, designing and making your own kite. Once the kite is made, delight in taking the kite to the air for its first soar off the ground. Read More
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vacationing with foster kids first time
Foster kids are in your home to be part of your family, they need to feel loved and cared for by you and they need to know that they are a part of your family. This often means taking vacations together. If you plan ahead and follow a few tips, Read More
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