10 Ways to Get Your Kids Away from Their Screens and Outside This Summer

Kids and Father throwing water from buckets
Get outside and play this summer

Kite Flying

Kites have been flown for many years, all around the world. Experience that joy with a great family bonding day by creating, designing and making your own kite. Once the kite is made, delight in taking the kite to the air for its first soar off the ground.


The sport of angling offers excellent opportunities to strengthen family bonds and create lifelong memories. Few people remember their best day of playing video games or first day of watching television, but most everyone remembers their best day of fishing and first fish caught. Learning to fish is a fun way to spend the afternoon with family and a great skill to have.

Building Forts

Every kid wants a playhouse, fort, clubhouse, treehouse or whatever you prefer to call it. And every grownup who had one as a kid remembers it forever. There will be wood. There will be tools. And there will be hands-on opportunities to teach your kids life skills and values while having loads of fun. Feeling less adventurous? Breakout the blankets, pillows and boxes to construct a temporary fort.

Water Balloons

There’s no better way to beat the heat and bring the family together than by engaging in a water balloon battle. Even better, this type of playing with your kids is a perfect learning opportunity, allowing them to test their limits and control in a safe and fun setting.  You can also play games with water balloons, mixing it up from a straight out soaking match. Look online for ideas then try them out together.

Scavenger Hunt

Summer vacation is the season for exploring new places, from the beach to the forest and everywhere in between. The magical thing about scavenger hunts is that they allow your family to explore both vacation destinations and the neighbourhood around your home. If you have trouble making a list of what to find, just use Google. There are plenty of printable scavenger hunt lists available online.


The garden is a great place to enjoy the best summer has to offer as a family. You can research what vegetables, flowers or fruits would grow best in your available space then get started. If you do not have the space for a vegetable garden, tend the flower beds together, plant annuals or make some creative planters.

Bug Catching

Bug catching offers endless hours of fun, while kids find, catch, inspect, and release their favorite outdoor bugs. Building a bug catcher adds an element of creativity as well. Just don’t forget to poke holes in your container!

Rock Painting

All you need is some paint, a brush and a cup of water. Oh, and rocks of course! With a quick search online you’ll find oodles of ideas and you can post photos of any rocks you may find. It’s a fun way to get the kids involved and excited about the outdoors. And it’s a great family activity.


Hopscotch is such a classic game, but why not add a fun play based learning twist to it!? Draw out a hopscotch style grid and get your child to write their name in the squares. This is awesome letter formation practice, as well as good fine and gross motor development. As they play the game they can shout out the letters each time they hop on them!

Water Fight

The perfect way to cool off on a hot, summer day is a water fight! Grab the hose, buckets, water guns or spray bottles. Fun for the whole family.