4 Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids

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colouring in a book

Mindfulness means slowing down to notice what you’re doing. It means being calm and focused.  There are a lot of emotions surrounding current events in the world right now, mixed with children not being able to go to school or see friends.  Here are 4 ways to teach mindfulness to kids – something they can take with them throughout their lives.

Take a Nature Walk

This is the perfect opportunity for a child to slow down and notice the sights and sounds around them.  Fresh air does wonders! Allow your child to lead the way – to pick up and observe leaves and sticks at their own pace.   Just getting out for a walk provides a sense of calm.

Share a Hug

Before beginning your day, share a 3-breath hug! Don’t forget to relax.  Fill your lungs up each time and breathe out.  Hugging relaxes the body and instantly releases tension while also providing a sense of safety. This is a great way to start the day.

Mindful Colouring

Have a colouring book full of drawings that can be coloured when your child is feeling stressed or anxious.  Colouring is a great way to get your mind off of what is bothering you and get creative.  Before you know it, they won’t remember what was bothering them in the first place.

Glitter Jar

A glitter jar is a great way to calm down, practice breathing and regulate emotions.  All you need is a jar, some clear glue and of course – glitter.  You can add food colouring for some extra fun.  Once you’d made your glitter jar, give a good shake.  As the glitter jar settles so does the mind of you and your child.  Watch as it swirls around in the jar.  By paying attention to your senses while watching the glitter settle, your focus will shift away from your emotions.

Using these 4 ways to teach mindfulness to kids, it can become part of your child’s everyday life with a little bit of practice. For more foster care tips and resources follow us on Facebook or TwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.