5 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe While Holiday Shopping

A kid shopping his favorite toys
Follow these tips to enjoy your holiday shopping this year knowing that your kids are safe.

The holiday season is a joyful time of year, but it’s also a time of year when you need to be extra-cautious when out and about with your child. Frenzied trips to the mall for holiday shopping can make it hard to keep track of your little ones in the crowds.

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind as you venture out to do your holiday shopping;

1. Stay in sight.

Make a rule that you must always be able to see them and they must always be able to see you. This seems like a simple rule, but keep reminding them periodically, especially if you notice that they are getting restless.

2. Find a Safe Stranger

Teach your kids that if they ever become separated from you, they should look for a “safe stranger” for help. Some examples include a cash register person or mall security. With older children, agree on a “meeting place” ahead of time, in case you become separated.

3. Never Leave Kids Alone in the Car

It’s a dilemma faced by most parents at some point — you’ve got a young child asleep in the back of a car and you need to pop into a store quickly. You can see the car through the store windows so you feel they will be safe. No matter how much work it is to unbuckle youngsters and bring them with you, it is worth the effort.

4. Memorize Your Cell Phone Number

Ensure your kids know your phone number by heart and they know where they can go to access a phone (stores, info‐desk, security and payphones).  Even older youths who have their own cell phones need to know your number. They can easily lose their phone, or have it take from them, leaving them with no way to contact you.

5. Wear Bright Clothing

Dress your child in brightly coloured clothes to make him easy to spot and a less likely target. This is especially true in very crowded places, like malls. Be sure to remember what they are wearing.

Following these tips will help you shop ’til you drop this holiday season knowing that your children will be safe!