Success Stories

Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim started their fostering journey in the fall of 2015. Their motivation to foster comes from a variety of places.  Matt spent time in foster care himself and is grateful for his foster family that cared for him and his brother long term.  Despite challenges, they remained committed to both of them. To this day they are his family. Matt and Kim agree that the adventure in life they have found most rewarding has been parenting.  They have parented their own children in blended families and decided that even though their birth children were nearing their adulthood, they still had a lot of parenting left in them.  

To date, they have cared for 10 young people ranging from 4 to 16 years old. Some have been short-term, lasting just a few months, while others have been 2.5 years and counting.  When asked what advice they would give to new foster care providers they had the following to say “Just do it, don’t over think it, but make sure you are with an agency that provides a lot of support and values their foster parents.  We don’t think we could do this without the support of the Satori team”. 

Don’t take things personally, these kids have been hurt and they are hurting.  You have to stick it out.  Be prepared for rocky roads but know that “even in the tough days, small successes can be found”. They admit this isn’t always easy as they reflect back on the first week with a sibling set of brothers.  At first, they didn’t think they were cut out to care for these boys,  but 2.5 years later, they are still caring for them and they say they can’t imagine their lives without them in it.