Class of 2020 – Celebrating Graduation At Home

Happiness in Graduated Kid
celebrating graduation for kids of all ages

Graduation is a right of passage that is so fun to celebrate! We would normally be gathered in large groups, posing for pictures and celebrating with your child and their friends right now, but things look at a little different at the moment. Celebrating graduation at home can be done and still be fun – here are 3 fun ways to celebrate your grad.

Virtual Graduation Party

Email friends and family a virtual invitation indicating a date and time they can join in to give their best wishes to the new grad! Encourage everyone to dress up.  Put up some fun decorations as a backdrop to your virtual graduation party.  This is something fun that works for all ages of grads.

Drive-by Parade

How fun is this idea? The best part is that it brings a smile to the face of kids of all ages.  This is another fun activity with everyone dressed up and the front lawn decorated with signs and balloons! Your child can wave to everyone from the driveway.  If you think people will want to drop a gift off, you could always have a box or bin at the end of the driveway for people to put cards in as they drive by.  Break out the camera to commemorate celebrating graduation while social distancing!

Fancy Brunch

You can make or order a graduation-worthy brunch that the whole family can enjoy together.  Choose from their favourite places to go to for breakfast or throw a brunch buffet.  Some fun kid-friendly beverages to toast with will make your grad feel extra special!  Reminisce with your family and set goals for the next chapter of your grad’s life.

Happy graduation to the Class of 2020! It’s so important to continue to celebrate these major milestones in life and have fun while doing it and celebrating graduation at home is definitely one of those milestones. For more parenting tips and resources follow us on Facebook or TwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.