Coping with Back-to-School Anxiety


In only a few days, it’ll be time to send the kids back to school. This is a busy time for children of all ages that can come with many different worries for them. It’s likely a major transition that will cause stress, anxiety and excitement that they may find a little hard to handle. The pressure they feel to fit in, anxiety about riding the bus or being in the same class as their friends can put them in a position where they won’t even want to leave the house. Hopefully these tips will get them excited and minimize any fears or anxiety they have about starting the new school year.

Enjoy a Healthy Breakfast

The morning of the first day of school (and every day after that) can be a whirlwind, especially if you are preparing more then one child for the school day. Wake up a few moments earlier or prepare a healthy breakfast the night before that will fuel them for the exciting day ahead. Often anxiety leaves you not feeling very hungry but it’s harder to cope with something on an empty stomach!

Visit the School Before

If your child is feeling very anxious, see if you can go for a tour prior to the first day of school. This will help them get familiar with their space and realize that there isn’t anything to be worried about. Walk out to the bus stop a few times. This is especially effective if your child is starting at a new school. See if there is an older friend that can help them out for the first couple of days.

Contact the School

It doesn’t hurt to let teachers know that your child is anxious about attending school this year. They may make accommodations like seating them near their desk or by a door or beside a friend that can also sit with them during breaks. You can ask for an update after the first week and see what is and isn’t working in their schedule back home. Sticking to a schedule can help ease anxiety.

Don’t Stress

No doubt the whole ordeal of back-to-school can put a wrench in your routine too. Dealing with upset children, getting everyone out the door and getting yourself off to work can put anyone in a tailspin. Children can sense when you are anxious or stressed and are likely to carry that into their day. Prepare as much as you can in the days leading up to next week and hopefully things will run smoothly.

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