Date Night Without A Sitter

date night on calendar

Sometime’s it’s just really hard to squeeze in some quality date nights with your partner.  Just like you need to take care of your children, you need to take care of yourselves, too! You deserve to take a night off.  Date night without a sitter can happen! Have a fun night in with these date night ideas.


Once the kids are in bed, try cooking a new recipe that you both want to try.  Think outside the box and get creative!  Ordering takeout is just the same.  Treat yourselves to a nice meal, even though you can’t get out to a fancy restaurant.

Rent A Movie

It’s to easy to access new movies without going to the theatre.  Surely there is one you both had your eye on! Pop some corn and enjoy the movie from the comfort of your own couch.  You can also use this time to catch up on your favourite Netflix series!

Play A Game

Dust off your board games and have and enjoy a little friendly competition.  Grab some snacks and make a night of it!  Puzzle people? That can be fun too! Playing a board game or finishing a puzzle is a great way to bond as a family over something fun (with a little friendly competition!)


Work on a project together.  If you have a few items on your “to-do” list, this is a great time to spend time together. Order some late-night pizza and paint that bedroom or office space you’ve been wanting to freshen up! Start to put up some wallpaper or finish a piece of furniture.

At Satori Foster we believe that self-care is so important! Date night without a sitter is possible.    You deserve a night to relax and recharge. For more family tips and resources, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.