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Yes! You can specify the age and gender of a child or youth who will ‘fit in’ best with your family. You are always involved in deciding which child or youth will live in your home.
No. Children/youth’s needs range from moderate to very complex. The kind of care provided will depend on the Foster Care Providers level of training and experience and best fit for your family. The training and experience will also determine the level of compensation. Foster Care Providers can also choose to foster part time or full time or for short term or long term placements.
Being a Foster Parent is not considered "employment." At Satori Homes however, we advocate for the professionalization of foster parenting. We recognize the extensive "work" required and recruit people who not only possess a commitment and a desire to change a young person’s life, but who are organized, have good time management skills and can present themselves in a professional manner. Being a foster parent requires a specific skill set as well as a commitment to attend on-going professional development. It also requires knowing how to work within a multi-disciplinary team. There are duties and responsibilities, that may often change, and foster parents need to be flexible, adaptive and creative. In some circumstances, we may require that at least one Care Provider not be employed outside of the home, or if they are, they have a significant degree of flexibility so that they are able to be available if and when required. To ensure Foster Care Providers are adequately compensated, can provide for the child/youth placed in their home, and don't carry any financial burden taking on a foster child, we provide a competitive, non-taxable per diem for each child/youth placed. The per diem for full time Foster Care Providers ranges between $1550-$2130/month/child and is dependent upon experience, training and skill sets. Respite Foster Care Providers earn a daily rate $60/day for every 12-24 hour period. In addition, Satori Homes will provide (or arrange for) funds or reimbursement for the following:
  • Child/youth's spending allowance - Between $10-$20/week - determined by age.
  • Funds for Christmas/holiday/birthday gifts.
  • Funds for recreational and/or extracurricular activities, including camps.
  • Funds for some school related costs.
  • Monthly Clothing allowance - $65/month.
  • Mileage reimbursement for any transportation outside of regular family transport at $0.46/km
  • All costs associated with medical treatments (prescriptions, dental work, eye wear, etc…).
  • All costs associated with any therapeutic services (Counselling, speech and language, Occupational Therapy, assessments, etc...)
The MCYS permits foster parents to care for up to 4 children at a time. However, it is important to us that our Foster Care Providers have the time, energy and patience to support foster children/youth and to be responsive to their needs. Most of our foster homes have no more than 2 children/youth placed at one time. More then two children/youth will be considered on a case by case basis and will depend of the skill level of the foster parent(s), how many care providers are in the home, whether or not at least one Foster Care Provider is home full time and of course, the needs of the children.
The length of stay will vary with the circumstance. Some children and youth will be in the process of re-uniting with natural or biological families, some are awaiting adoptions, while others will require long term foster care placements as they prepare to move on to independence. When the placement is intended to last until the young person transitions into independent living, we look for care providers who are committed to teaching life skills and maintaining a positive relationship with the young person even after they have “moved out”
If adoption is an option for the child/youth placed in your home, you will be notified. If you are interested in adopting a child/youth placed in your home, Satori Homes can facilitate conversations with the child/youths Placing Agency to explore the options and process. The strength of your relationship with the child/youth is one of the many factors that would be considered. While we don't process adoption applications, we can assist in faciliating the process.