How to Buy Quality Kids’ Clothes on a Budget

Red, Black and white combo shoes

With the change of season and school approaching, it is time once again to clean out the drawers and closets. More than likely, your kids have outgrown at least half of last year’s wardrobe. But don’t fret, you can keep them in quality branded clothing year round for a lot less than you think. Here’s how:

Shop the End of Season Clearance Racks

Shopping in the off-season means you can score deep discounts as retailers try to make space for new merchandise. Stick to the basic styles that the kids will still wear the following year, avoiding anything super trendy. Also remember to buy a size up, it is easier to get away with something slightly large than too small. While you might have to store the items for a few months, it’s a great way to get quality brands at amazingly affordable prices.

Regularly Visit Your Local Consignment Stores

Kids grow quickly, often leaving their clothing with very little wear. This is even more true with quality brands that are made to last. Consignment stores, like Once Upon a Child, are a great place to search for your kids favourites but you need to pop in often. The most popular brands disappear fast. You should also bring in anything that your gang has outgrown. Another bonus of buying branded clothing is the resale value. Often consignment stores will give you a discount if you spend your earnings at the store, offering even great savings.

Shop at Outlet Stores

There are some amazing outlet malls around Ontario. Visit these a few times a year and you are sure to find a few great deals. Outlet stores like Nike and Adidas seem to be the best place to find deeply discounted shoes and athletic wear. Taking the time to find quality running shoes that will last the full school year will be worth it. Your child will feel good and you won’t have to run around replacing worn out sneakers every month.

Stockpile Clothing

Always be on the lookout for great deals! Even if the size is a year or two down the road, don’t walk away from a super deal on a quality item.  Here, again, you need to stick to classics and avoid anything too trendy.

Look Online

Most cities have an online Facebook auction for used goods. Run a search with your city’s name and “auction”, “consignment” or “buy and sell”.  Check regularly for branded clothes, you will find bargains. This does take some time as you generally have to place a bid and then keep an eye on the auction but it can be well worth it.  This is another alternative for selling used clothing that is in great condition as well.