Stay Warm Indoors With These Activities for Children

Just because it’s snowing or cold outside, doesn’t mean you have to abandon your daily activities or rely on electronics to occupy children. Stay warm indoors with these activities for children!

Build a Fort

Who didn’t love building a fort as a kid? You can use cardboard boxes, sheets, pillows and blankets and create an epic chill zone that is sure to provide hours of entertainment!

Get Crafty

Gather all the paintbrushes, coloured pencils, glue, paint and stickers you can find and you could spend hours exploring your artistic sides.

Read a Chapter Book

Get cozy, make a couple of snacks and get lost in a chapter book.  This is the perfect opportunity to practice reading.  Have each member of the family read a chapter so that everyone can be involved.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Using riddles, games, clues and small prizes you can create a fun indoor scavenger hunt.  Have a small treasure at the end of the hunt to keep everyone interested until the very end.

Even if you try to get outdoors for a little every day in the colder months, sometimes it’s just too cold to do anything.  The slower months allow you to play more games, read more books and enjoy time together as a whole family.  For more family tips and resources, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.