Setting Family Goals for the New Year


Family goals can help make life easier for you, as a parent. Often the things that you want to accomplish as a family are put to the side or placed on the back burner because of how busy life can get with school, homework and after-school activities.  A family goal-setting session is an opportunity for your family to dream of the future and spend some quality time together.  The idea is to start small!

A Family Night

Commit to having a family night once a month.  No phones, no electronics, no interruptions.  Enjoy a board game, go for a walk or watch a movie together.  It may seem easy, but we don’t often realize that we aren’t 100% present in the moment.  This will soon become a regular routine and not something that you have to think about.

Plant a Garden

Open your family calendar and find a date that everyone can go out and choose seeds or plants that they want to include in a family garden. Then plant the garden together.  You’ll be surprised how much time passes.  This could also be an effective way to get your children to eat more vegetables!


Seek opportunities that your family can participate in together to give back in your community. Call your local food bank and see if you can help with a holiday meal.  Take a few hours out of your day and get everyone to collect toys they no longer use or clothing they’ve grown out of and donate the items to a local charity in need.

At Satori Foster, we believe in the importance of setting family goals and spending quality time together. Don’t forget about making time for yourself! For more family tips and resources, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.