Some Helpful Hints – Keeping your foster home Sanitized!

    how to sanitize your home
    Here are some steps that you can take to ensure that your home is sanitized.
    1. Keep Hand sanitizer at the front door!  When anyone enters the home, the first thing you should ask them to do is to sanitize.  
    1. Keep Sanitizer in the car!  Use it after going in a store or touching a “take out” debit pin pad!
    1. When trying to sanitize your house, just think about what everyone touches the most.  All those handles and kitchen door knobs need to be free of “encrusted debris”.  Sticky kiddo’s fingers have left a lot behind in the past!  That stuff needs cleaned off!  (Think about what has been touched all the time; inside of fridge door handle, game controllers, remote controls, which door knobs are always touched?) 
    1. Once they are clean, then make they are getting wiped down regularly with a sanitizer wipe!  This is a simple chore to add to kiddo’s routine right now!  
    1. Don’t mix people’s laundry.  Use a hotter water setting than normal.  Put away shared textile items – like the “couch blanket” for example.  Make sure everyone has their own towel! 
    1. Consider having a handwashing area in a common area to help continue to teach everyone how to wash their hands!  “Yes, I washed my hands” doesn’t always mean they did properly!
    1. Take a look at what toys are being shared.  Should some kiddo’s keep their toys in their own room for now?  Should some of them get a wipe down or put away for a while.
    1. Keep tissues everywhere.  Every sneeze needs to make it into a tissue, and then hands should be washed again.
    1. Don’t go overboard to make the house spotless.  Remember to remind yourself “what does everyone touch”.  For example; if there are some muddy dog prints at the front door, that’s not nearly as important as something like the inside of your fridge handle!
    1. 10)This is a great time to break out some visual reminders!  Ie: “How to wash your hands” at the sink or “please use sanitizer” at the front door.

    Thanks a million to Russell, one of our awasome foster parents, for putting this list together and sharing it. We are, truly, all in this together!