Our Promise to You

As a Foster Care Provider with Satori you can expect quality over quantity. At our agency, we are committed to being responsive to the needs of the children and youth we work with, AND to our foster families. By remaining a small agency, we can offer effective and timely communication, individualized attention, and dedicated support. We are a strong team that directly supports each other, learns from each other, and builds on each other's strengths. 

A Team Approach

As a Foster Care Provider with Satori you will receive extensive support from a professional and experienced team. Some of the specifics include:

  • Regular visits/meetings with a Resource Manager to help you navigate the responsibilities and expectations as well as to offer support, assist in problem solving and provide a listening ear.
  • Regular CARE Team Meetings for each child/youth to discuss such things as Care plans, goals, objectives, progress, obstacles, and additional areas of needed supports.
  • Opportunity to attend Monthly Resource Meetings to connect with other Foster Care Providers.
  • Access to On-Call Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Up to 24 days of paid respite per year.
  • A Family Support Worker/Child and Youth Worker assigned to each child/youth who provides extra support when needed.

Pre-Service and On-going Training

To ensure our Foster Care Providers are knowledgeable about there responsibilities, and to maximize the ability to be successful in the role, we have developed a Core Training Program that is both fun and informative.  Foster Care Providers should be aware that the training program is extensive and typically runs over the course of a 6 to 8 week period. 

In addition to our Core Training Program, Foster Care Providers will have the opportunity to attend additional Professional Development courses and workshops throughout each year.  To maintain status as a full time care provider, Foster Care Providers must complete a minimum of 25 hours of additional training each year.   We ensure you have ample opportunity to do so. 

Financial Support

We understand that fostering can be challenging and we want to ensure that we can reduce stress in as many areas as possible.  This includes financial stress.  As a Foster Care Provider you be provided financial support and reimbursements for many of the expenses associated with caring for a foster child or youth.  Financial support includes:

  • Non-taxable Per Diem
  • Clothing Allowance
  • Some school fee reimbursements.
  • Money to assist with the cost of birthday/Christmas/holiday gifts.
  • Weekly spending allowance for each child/youth in your home.  Amount determined by age.
  • Foster Family Wellness Allowance.
  • Reimbursements for enrollment in some recreational/special interest/extra-curricular programs.

Additionally, Foster Care Providers are not responsible for the cost of any prescribed medical treatment (e.g. prescription medication, eye wear, dental work) or Therapeutic Interventions (e.g counselling). 


At Satori, we like to have fun too!  Each year we will host a series of appreciation events to express our gratitude to our staff, our foster care providers, our community supports and our volunteers.  We take this time to demonstrate the hard work of everyone involved with Satori, and to honor the progress of the children and youth. There will be food and fun, and opportunities to connect with other members of the team.