When Your Foster Child Returns Home


The goal of foster care is to eventually reunite your foster child with their family. The time will come but knowing that it will come doesn’t make that day any easier. Whether the child was in your care for only a few months or a couple of years, you’ve bonded and helped that child prepare for this day. Now it’s time to reunite your child with their biological family.  It’s okay to feel all the emotions. Here are some ways to cope with this feeling of loss.


Let it out! Cry if you need too. It’s perfectly okay to miss your foster child. You’ve made memories and bonded. They’ve occupied a piece of your heart and home for a significant amount of time and it’s likely to feel a little empty. If permitted, keep in touch with the child. Ask for updates or share photos.


You did it, you should be so proud of yourself! You welcomed someone into your home that came from an unfortunate situation and helped them go through all the emotions while providing them with a safe place to call home. They left your home a stronger and wiser person because of you and you deserve to treat yourself. Go on that vacation you put off, get a massage or celebrate by having a special meal with your family. It’ll help you get your mind off things while appreciating what you just accomplished.

Get Crafty

Create a photo album or memory book of your time together. Working on this will keep your mind busy and you’ll be able to appreciate the experience for years to come!

Surround Yourself with Friends

Laughter is the best medicine so get together with your closest friends. You can talk about the experience or not talk about it but having some fun with your friends is a great way to cope with your emotions. Go on a day trip, a hike or out to dinner!


That’s right. Do it all over again! There are many children who would benefit from the care that you just provided, it’s time to welcome someone new to your life and into your home. It’s not an easy task, especially since every child comes from different situations but perhaps this is how you could move on.

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