Keep Active With Kids in the Winter

family having fun in the snow
family playing in the snow

You can have winter fun with your family! As soon as winter approaches, we have a tendency to retreat back indoors and hibernate until spring.  It’s easy to curl up and park in front of the television.  The cold weather and snow shouldn’t keep you from getting active with the family! Bundle up and head outside, there are many different ways to stay active this winter.

Go For A Hike

This one is an easy one.  Pick a family favourite hiking spot and take advantage of a sunny winter day.  It won’t be long before you work up a sweat! This is a great way to explore your surroundings from a different angle, like high up on a hill or maybe you’ll come across a waterfall or two!

Build a Snowman

This is harder work then it sounds!  All that crawling around, lifting to put the snowman together and the odd snowball fight is enough to tire anyone out.  If you don’t want to build snowmen, try building an igloo!


To make this even more fun, get kid-sized shovels so it feels extra special.  If you’re close with your neighbours, offer to shovel off their front porch or walkway. It’s a great way to make friends with the people that live around you and meet new people!

Go Tobogganing

Grab your sleds and toboggans and hit the hills! There could even be one near your home or in your neighbourhood that you can walk to as a family.  Going up and down those hills, again and again, is a great way to spend an hour or two getting active.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

This can be done on a walk around town or during a hike in the woods.  Find some fun ideas of things your kids can find during the hunt. You can add seasonal items to the list like pinecones and winter animals. Have the scavenger hunt finish at the park to spend a little more time climbing around.  Bring along a thermos of hot chocolate – how fun does that sound?!

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