Who are the children and young people that come into Foster Care?

Foster children and youth are just like any other child and youth in that they need security, stability, and the chance to develop and thrive. What is unique however is that many foster children may have experienced more challenging circumstances, some unthinkable. Foster children and youth need a chance to regain their hope and dignity, a chance to rebuild or strengthen their foundations and an opportunity to have someone believe in them. The children and youth we work with at Satori may have been neglected, abused, mistreated and may feel they don’t belong anywhere. They can be withdrawn, dependent, stubborn, and sometimes display problematic behaviour. They may also have difficulties with emotion regulation and social skills. They need time to adjust, time to feel secure and most importantly, time to build relationships and trust. When the stage is set for them to make good choices and when they know they are cared for, they are no different then any other child or young person. Their unique personalities shine through, they are engaging, look to build lasting relationships, enjoy play and recreation, and yearn to succeed and reach their fullest potential.