Preparing a Bedroom For a Foster Child

child's bedroom decor

Getting the news that you’re about to welcome a foster child is both exciting and scary. Having this space prepared can help the process go as smooth as possible. This is a space that they can go to feel safe and comforted but also have a chance to make their own, for however long they are with you. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating this space for your foster child.

Tidy Up the Space

It’s important not to have a space that is too cluttered as it can feel overwhelming and only add to the anxiety of the child. Having a tidy and clean space allows room for a bit of personalization. When the time is right, you could take the child to pick out some decorations or artwork for the walls. Leave the space free of any family photos.

Welcome Basket

Place a basket full of items that could help ease the transition. Have some things like snacks, a bottle of water, a book to read or a colouring book, a journal, a stuffed animal and whatever else you think may be useful. Also, in the basket, place any toiletries that the child may need – depending on the age.

A Nightlight

Waking up in the middle of the night in a strange home can be alarming for children of any age.  Place a nightlight in the bedroom, the hallway and the bathroom to provide a sense of safety should they have to navigate their new space.


A Change of Clothes

Your foster care agency will be able to let you know the age of the child that you will be welcoming into your home. It’s not a bad idea to have a couple of outfits ready. You won’t always know how much clothing or what belongings they will be bringing with them.


Setting up a room for a child that you don’t even know yet can be difficult. It’s best to keep it neutral, clean but still welcoming. For more foster care tips and resources, follow us on Facebook or TwitterLinkedIn or Instagram. For more information about fostering contact Satori today!